An obsession with outside-the-box entrepreneurship drives everything we do at OurCrowd First.

With a pair of “naturally caffeinated” serial entrepreneurs at the helm, we spend our days discovering, fueling and mentoring the entrepreneurs who we believe can change the world. We grab them by the hand, together making our way from development to launch and beyond.

Small Fund, Big Parent

The OurCrowd First fund was first raised during Q3 2015 on our parent platform OurCrowd, the world-class, Jerusalem-based equity crowdfunding platform that has invested $300M in 100+ startups since 2013. OurCrowd sees thousands of ventures a year, and conducts careful vetting and due diligence, discerning to invest in the very few best companies. It offers its global community of accredited investors the opportunity to invest even modest sums alongside OurCrowd in individual companies, and on professional VC terms.

OurCrowd First is OurCrowd's way of offering its investors an earlier-stage investment opportunity in the risk-balanced, sector-diversified structure of a traditional venture fund, investing in primarily Israeli-related seed and pre-A stage ventures.

Although a relatively small fund, OurCrowd First is able to “punch a step above its weight class” because of its ownership by – and access to the expansive resources of – OurCrowd. Many seed-level funds struggle with a range of challenges like limited funding firepower, dilution in follow-on rounds, lack of exposure to the best potential investments, size of investor base, and even compensation levels to attract top management. Being a part of OurCrowd eliminates these barriers and creates a unique small fund with the power of a much larger one.